DROP DEAD Collector Object

DROP DEAD Collector Object

Cute Cube Collective (PrzeWypas)


You too can drop dead!

A unique collectible item, born from the passion and determination of the Cute Cube Collective, as well as its members' combined multigenerational experience with chemistry. The object was designed in Poland and also produced here through a complicated casting process. It's made out of high-quality crystal resins, cold to the touch, heat-proof, and has a 250 ml capacity. You may fill the object with anything you crave. Treat it with respect. If necessary, wash it with lukewarm water and dry with a soft towel. Don't use hard sponges or metallic dishrags under any circumstance. Also, don't leave it with the regular dishware; show it off in a display cabinet!
Attention soccer fans! Alternate name: "Cristiano 100 years later!"

The product is dispatched over the course of 14 days following the placement of the order. More:


144,00 zł tax incl.

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